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The pandemic has been a crucial time for small-business owners. Over 200,000 self-owned businesses in the United States had to foreclose because of financial, health, or governmental regulations. The businesses that were non-essential were forced to close or convert to e-commerce practices. Online stores are becoming the new reality of shopping and the push for digital methods is stronger than ever. In the wake of uncertainty, a local Dallasite took the opportunity to make her dream career come true.

Mona El-Gharby a current student at SMU majoring in biochemistry and business, took to the internet and became an established small-business owner. Mona wanted to create a company that focused on providing quality hair products, so women can wear their hair naturally. Therefore, was the creation on CURLē Beauty. An online store that specializes in natural ingredients that cater to your hair goals. Drawing from inspiration from her childhood and struggled with the stigma of natural hair. Mona made this her life mission.

 Mona is an Egyptian American born and raised in Dallas, Tx, but always struggled with her unique curly hair. While curly hair is cherished in some cultures, the norm was straight, slick hair. Societal norms make curly hair, “exotic”, “wild”, “crazy”, but never “elegant” or “sophisticated.” Even as a child Mona wanted to feel accepted to wear her hair natural and still be seen as high class. This was just the beginning of the drive Mona had to turn the narrative about natural hair. From Middle school to High School Mona gained knowledge about the hair care industry. She struggled finding the right product or routine that satisfied the health of her hair. After learning about the importance of premium ingredients for scalps and hair health, Mona made a product that worked for her. Mona’s drive to share her discovery only grew. As a college student she partnered with data scientist, cosmetic chemists, and curly hair experts to market the product to absolute perfection.  

CURLē Beauty is dedicated to empowering women around the world one curl at a time. Curly hair does not have to be a fantasy only shown in magazines, but worn in the professional world. Women should not have to straighten their hair for a corporate meeting because it is more elegant. CURLē brand is about reframing natural hair as luxurious in all contexts, in any environment. CURLē believes everyone should be able to choose their hairstyle and not be held back from stereotypes and discrimination. Through their customization process and product recommendation system, CURLē ensures a product that is natural, healthy, and helpful to the enhancement of your natural curls. Each purchase is hand-crafted depending on the answers provided on the hair consult quiz on the company’s website. Mona has traveled to three continents looking for the highest quality of ingredients to add to her line of hair care products. All in the hope that these ingredients will make a product that encourages people to wear their natural curls.

Mona is not only about helping people achieve their hair goals, but informing her customers about hair tips, prevention techniques, and key ingredients. She encourages people to stop the stigma around natural hair and get informed. Mona posts weekly on social media platforms like Tik-Tok and posts Blogs that go in more detail about the curly hair community. Mona wants people to know that many others grow up under the guise that natural hair should not be worn proudly and CURLē Beauty wants to make that change. To get started on your own hair journey, visit and use code mycrownmyway to get 15% OFF your entire order.