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Loving Your Locks: 8 Tips & Tricks to Maintain Your Curls

Your luscious locks deserve all the love in the world! We know maintenance on a budget and time crunch can be a hassle, so we’ve come up with a simple list of seven tips and tricks you can do without flexing the wallet! So many of you want to know the best ways to maintain and sustain your hair, ...
three curl care products; custom whipped styling cream; custom deep conditioner; custom beard oil

Fight Frizz Like a Pro with 4 Key Ingredients

Fight Frizz Like a Pro with 4 Key Ingredients During the hot summer months, it can always feel like frizz is lurking just around the corner!  As summer showers and rising temps saturate the forecast, frizz forms as dry strands take in a higher quantity of moisture. While it can be tempting to r...