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What Our Customers Think

  • "I will never use any other styling cream. I absolutely love the way it makes my hair feel and the way it smells. It's super lightweight but at the same time really defines my hair while still having volume."


  • "This is the best styling creme I've ever used! It defined my 3b/3c hair without frizz and without weighing my hair down. It felt so natural, as if I didn't have any product in my hair! This is my new go to product!"


  • "Smelled amazing and was super helpful for detangling, mad my hair look so glossy and hydrated plus it really helped with the frizz! Super pleased with the results"


  • "IT SMELLS SO ELEGANT! I tried the curl cream YESTERDAY before a wedding party and wallah it's the perfect consistency I was like wtf???? Not too thin and not too creamy anddd my hair still smells so good today"


  • "A little goes a long way with with these products! I'm pretty new to the long-hair game so I used to go through these pretty fast. Also tried a few other products around the same price point and some even a bit higher and found that I enjoy the look and feel of my hair using Curle products! Give them a try!:)"