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Custom Whipped Styling Cream

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Kiss frizz goodbye with our light and airy Whipped Styling Cream! 

Made for each unique curl pattern, our bestselling styling creme features luxurious, all-natural, salon-quality botanicals and nutrients. Our styling product for curly hair will leave your curls pillow-soft while restoring luster and hydration to damaged, tired strands. Try our creme if you want great-looking hair without the greasy feel of heavier products.


After washing and conditioning, apply a generous amount of product to damp hair, gently raking through your strands. Scrunch in generously to activate and define your curls! Diffuse on cool or air-dry to set your style. 

To refresh and reset between washes, simply scrunch a dime-sized amount of creme into your curls or combine with water in a spray bottle and lightly mist curls for instant definition. 


HI! I'm FROM: Morocco, Brazil, & India 

  • Argan Oil sourced from Morocco
  • Bamboo Extract sourced from Brazil
  • Mango Seed Butter sourced from India 
  • Flaxseed Gel


At CURLe, we believe that your curls deserve the most luxurious, nourishing, and high-quality formulations. Using cutting-edge technology and biochemistry, we curate and source the best botanicals and extracts with your customized hair journey in mind. 


Cruelty-Free» Organic » Sulfate-Free » Paraben Free » Silicone Free » Phthalate Free » Curly Girl Approved2