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4 Back to School Tips for Curls

As summer winds down and a new school year starts, now is the perfect time to revitalize your routine and step on campus with fresh, defined curls. Whether you’re packing for college, taking your senior photos, or dropping your littles off for a fun-filled year, great curls will give you the confidence to tackle all the challenges school brings. Get out your notebooks and pencils for some curly lessons you won’t want to miss!
Embrace Second (and Third!) Day Hair 
Things always seem to get insanely busy after syllabus week. Mastering the art of second and third day hair will give you back valuable time to study, see friends, and sleep 15 minutes later before that 8am! We love incorporating a dime sized amount of Curl Creme or your favorite mousse into second day curls for instant definition and shine. Gently scrunchy the product all over the crown, paying special attention to any areas that have extra frizz. If you have a little more curl fall-out and frizz, gently mist the top / mid sections of the head with water before applying curl creme. This will help the strands re-clump and spiral after significant fall out or lengthening. You can also try reforming your dampened curls with a Denman brush for polished, tightly defined spirals. 
Prep the Night Before
Just like you pack your bag and lay out out your outfit before the first day, prepping your hair before bed sets your second day curls up for success. Depending on your curl texture and pattern (check out our Curl Pattern Guide for more info) sleep care might look like a protective hairstyle or a silk bonnet. For wavy and curly textures (2-3b), try sleeping with the hair in a pineapple or high, loose bun. Securing dry curls away from your face and neck will keep them from getting loosened or squashed while you sleep. For extra anti-frizz security, add 2-3 drops of hair oil to your strands before pulling them up. For tighter curl patterns (3c-4c), try sleeping in two or three sectioned twists or investing in a silk bonnet to shield your curls from breakage and frizz. 
Get a Trim 
Start the new year off fresh with a new trim or cut! Cutting off dry, split ends will reduce frizz, heighten shine, and produce more consistent curls. Taking a healthy amount of weight off your crown can also help encourage bouncier, more tightly defined curl patterns. The new year can also be a great time to try a new hairstyle and switch up your look. This season’s trendiest styles are ideal for curly hair, including retro throwbacks like the shag cut, effortless lobs, or face framing curly bangs. Keep your cut looking as salon-fresh as possible with quality products and ingredients. Check your labels! Avoid sulfates, parabens, and drying alcohols that leave your hair vulnerable to breakage. 
Stock Your Bag 
Juggling classes, studying, and work is no easy feat and it can feel frustrating to need different styles multiple times a day. I always feel like I’m pulling my hair up and out of my face to study then back down to grab lunch with friends or head to office hours. To prepare for unexpected meetings, walks, and weather, its a great idea to keep a small bag with extra hair-ties, a small comb, and a large claw clip. Also stock up on travel sizes of your favorite refresh mist or oil for long days and humid weather. 

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