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Curl Breakage Prevention 101

Struggling with hair growth, frizz, and undefined curls? Breakage might be the culprit. Before we jump in, head over to take our Curl Quiz and get extra insight into customized products and ingredients for your strands!
Because curly hair tends to be drier and more prone to tangles than other hair types, preventing premature shedding and breakage is key to maintaining thick, healthy hair. Preventing breakage will also help counteract frizz and make it easier to achieve defined shiny curls.  By making just a few simple changes to your routine, you’ll be well on the way to your healthiest, strongest curls. 
Rethink Your Brushing Routine 
How and when you detangle and brush through your curls is more than half the battle when counteracting breakage. The number one rule to detangling is to never brush the hair when dry. Curls tend to be weaker and more brittle when they are dry. When detangling, begin by sectioning the hair off into 1-3 large sections to make brushing more gentle and manageable. It’s best to detangle in the shower with a wide-tooth comb and your hair has a conditioner or mask on. If you need to brush the hair before a refresh, mist each section generously with water, a little leave-in conditioner, or a nourishing oil before detangling. When styling, avoid fine-tooth combs and brushes with nylon bristles, as these are most likely to snag knots in your curls and rip delicate hairs. Lastly, always be patient and gentle when brushing or detangling. Even if you’re in a rush, avoid brushing from the top of the head to the ends or tearing through the hair. 
Put Down the Terry Cloth Towels 
While it can be tempting to wrap your hair up in a fluffy bath towel while you do your makeup, terry cloth can catch in your hair and pull out precious strands. The texture of bath towels also latch on to delicate hairs and rough up the cuticle, leaving your curls frizzy and brittle. To expedite your drying process in a curl-friendly way, try plopping your hair into a soft cotton t-shirt. To plop, begin by laying your t-shirt out with the neck hole closest to you. After applying your favorite curl creme, oil, or gels, flip your hair over into the t-shirt. Still upside down, cover your hair with the end of the t-shirt and secure the plop by twisting the sleeves and tying them at the nape of your neck. Keep your hair in the plop for 15-30 minutes while you brew your morning cup of coffee, apply your makeup, or pack your work bag.  
Check Your Labels
If you’re not checking your product labels, now is the time to start! So many harsh and drying chemicals, fragrances, and surfactants lurk in your shampoos, defining gels, and oils. Culprit number one for drying hair is alcohol. This might be sneakily disguised as Ethanol, Isopropanol, or propanol. If you see any variation of these on the bottle, toss it! The second curl nemesis is silicone. Silicones trap moisture in the hair but are notoriously difficult to remove, requiring harsh sulfate shampoos that only dry curls more. They also cause product buildup on the scalp, leaving curls dull and heavy. All of our CURLē products are 100% silicone-free and formulated without sulfates and parabens. Being choosy about the ingredients that touch your curls is key to sustaining growth and fortifying your hair against breakage. You can learn more about our evidence-based ingredients here.

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